Google is expanding to print ads

Ads by Google is on a roll to take over the print advertising world!

There has been a few words dropped recently about Google buying up ad space in popular technology magazines, namely PC Magazine and Maximum PC , and reselling the ad space to Google AdWords subscribers by splitting it up into quarters and fifths and marketing it as Ads by Google. This is currently only available as an experiment in print advertising for Google, and is open to those that participate in the Google AdWords advertising program only.

This is apparantly Google’s step into the traditional word of advertising in an effort to become your one stop location for online and offline ad sales.
Ads by Google is the first time Google has taken its products offline, making Google the middleman for advertisors and publishers. Google will be tracking this very closely, and has a number of 1-800 numbers filtered through their call centre to monitor effective ads.

Googles approach to print ads are a simplistic approach, much like that of all of their online properties, as is evident in this online proof version for upcoming google print ads. And should provide a start to a much appreciated advertising movement to just the facts without all the clutter found in the majority of ads today. This should be a very beneficial service for smaller companies which may not be able to justify the cost of an ad in a major publication.

Google’s cost-per-click system, built on selling keywords to the highest bidder, and letting marketers pay when links are cliked upon was introduced in 2002, and hit the world by storm, as publishers also had a new way to create effective targeted online ad revenue. Its a nice step for an organization of Googles stature. Placing an interest in the real word, mixing techniques and knowledge to benefit small business. What will we see this time from Google Print? Targeted ads to the highest bidder? Should be real fun to keep an eye on Ads by Google.

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