Google Blog Search

Google announced Google Blog search today. This tool will archive the worlds blogs, as oppsed to those currently indexed in Google’s own Blogger only.

Google Blog index is the easiest way to search for blog related content. There are currently 17 million webblogs which cover any and every subject according to Technorati who tracks whats happening in the blog world.

The power of weblogs is that they allow millions of people to easily publish their ideas, and millions more to comment on them. Blogs are a fluid, dynamic medium, that pretty much anyone can create with a little thought, time, and experience and knowledge in a desired topic area.

The Pew Internet study estimates that about 11%, or about 50 million, of Internet users are regular blog readers. With Google now tracking all of this greatpersonal content and experiences, we will be able to search up to the minute details on what people are observing and experiencing.

Google will be indexing blogs in real time, providing up to the minute news details, finding up to the minute news and commentaries.

You can search Google blogs at the traditional Google style site, or with the Blogger style.

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