Google tunes into TV

The whole world of search technology, and ad technology is getting pretty crazy right now. Mash it up with some actual relevant advertising and content on television, and now were talking!

Google TV has been in the works for some time now. Google has been working on search technology to allow the users to dig through tv archives to find video footage.

The Google Video search is a giant hit. Now, the search giant has been dropping news and information out broadcasters and cable networks about a new technology that would replicate what google has been doing with video search, onto the television sets of the world.

Sources say that Google has been filing patents relating to video search and the display of relevant advertising. The software model that is in development analyzes the closed captioning for keywords. So, what can this mean to you? By hitting a GoogleTV button on your remote, you can access more information, pull up streaming data, and relevant ads to your desired programming

Google’s first venture into the tv market, Google Current, is built using samplings of popular Google search data, including Google Zeitgeist data. The Current tv channel is an independent cable and satellite TV network, chaired by Al Gore, and is coined as the “hip” new channel. It is viewer created content.

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