Google Wireless access points

Google started experimenting with Google wifi free wireless internet service in July of this year. Google’s constatly flowing stream of revenue, and endless ambitions of search technology keep this Silicon Valley company steamrolling forward.

Google two free wireless internet access points in the Silicon Valley area of California are located at a pizza restaurant, and the other at a gymnastics center. Google has recently spoke with San Francisco city officials about setting up public wireless networks throughout the city. Google currently has one access point located in Union Square that was set up in the spring with Feeva.

Feeva is a software platform company based in San Francisco, that deploys technology to provide free broadband Internet services to its residents and visitors.

Google’s free service will force companies like HotSpotVPN, JiWire’s Spotlock, and WiTopia’s personalVPN to search for new more innovative ways to serve their customer base. Not everyone will want to use Google’s free service. Goolge might have limited or no phone support or tech support. Google currently does not offer a variety of encryption types, they are currently only using PPTP which can be cracked too easily if a password is poorly chosen.

Google always guards its new offerings pretty closely. When the free wireless access hits the fan, giants in the internet service provider field like AOL, which generate a lot of Google traffic, could force a Microsoft takeover bid.

When the Google wifi free wireless internet service access points are released for beta, we will be pretty sure that Google will rock our minds once again.

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