Google Maps and Google Local Merge

Google announces the merge of two of its popular services, Google maps, and Google local search. This will help users find all the local and mapping information they need in one convienient location.

With the merge of Google Local and Google Maps, users can find their desired location, and everything close to it, all within one easy search panel, with two panes.

A search for “surf shops huntington beach“, yields a Google map on the right, with pinpointed locations of the surf shops located on the Google local search pane on the left. The Google local items on the left remain with company name, address, and telephone number.

A simple search for “huntington beach“, will generate a map for that location, with the option to make that a start location for the next time you visit Google maps.

A search for “santa monica los angeles“, brings up a pinpointed map of santa monica, with all local information related to the map on the left.

The interface remains the same as it was before, except the information, local info pane, has been switched to the left hand side. This does take a little time to get used to, but after playing with it for a while, it will seem second nature.

Google maps and Google local has turned into a great tool for visitors to a new locations, or occupants searching for a corner store.

About Google Local
Google Local offers users access to relevant information such as integrated local search results and detailed driving directions, and includes features such as draggable maps, satellite imagery, keyboard shortcuts, and more. With mapping data combined with relevant local information from Google’s web index and business listings such as Yellow Page directories, Google Local is a comprehensive local search and mapping product.

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