SoonR Desktop Agent for Google

SoonR is a new software and service to help you keep In Touch with your data. Have you ever Left a file behind on a computer and needed access to it from the office or on the road? Tried to synchronize files, but couldn’t fit it on your mobile device? Tried to edit and share documents with a group of people who travel?

SoonR with Share on the Spot™ Desktop Agent technology gives you access to a file you left on your computer that you need access to. It synchronizes files that cant fit on your mobile device, and edits and shares documents with a group of people who travel!

In order to use SoonR, a computer(s) connected to the Internet runs a small secure SoonR Desktop agent as a service. Computers that have Google Desktop Search installed can be searched remotely using any device with a browser such as your PDA or phone.

SoonR has been tested and is compatible with the majority of mobile phones with data access. There is no software to install on the phone, eliminating administration and maintenance issues.

SoonR will utilize the built in features of your mobile device. Regardless of screen size, resolution, memory, or your data access service, SoonR will utilize its transcoding engine and your client PC’s processing power to create a unique view that fits your handset.

When your handset is not available or you are not in a service zone, SoonR can be accessed via a browser or through IM!

Is SoonR secure?
Yes. Access to computers is managed through the SoonR service, which establishes an 128-bit encrypted connection with the computer. You control what folders are setup for remote access and any access can be further protected by a unique password. Finally, access to computers is controlled by you and is limited to viewing, which eliminates the threat of computer viruses.

How do I access SoonR from my instant message client?
First you need to specify a instant message user-name under Account Setup on the SoonR web-site. Then make sure that your instant message client is launched, you should be getting a notification in a few minutes asking for SoonR to be added to your buddy list. Currently SoonR supports Yahoo Instant messenger and AIM by AOL.

What happens if my computer is shut down?
The free version of the SoonR service requires that your computer is turned on and has a connection to the internet. However, even if the computer is shut down, you will be able to see descriptions of the shared resource and thumbnails of pictures.

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