Google Desktop 2 out of Beta

Google Desktop 2 is officially out of its Beta stage. There are some significant improvements, like the additions of new sidebar panels, more plug-in development options, and better support for enterprise installations.

With the release of Google Desktop 2 from its beta stage, brings some nice improvements. One of those being more pluggin development options. There is a new Personalized Maps panel. As you browse the web, this panel will display maps information related to the pages you’re visiting. The Google sidebar panels collection is constantly growing all the time. And with its developer support, there will be a ton of great Google desktop sidebar panel pluggins on there way.

Google added support for script plug-ins for sidebar plug-in developers. Google has also provided developers with an automatic plug-in installer. You can use your favorite scripting language (such as JavaScript or VBScript) and start implementing and deploying plug-ins faster than ever.

Google Desktop SDK
has everything you need to write Desktop plug-ins and to integrate desktop searching into your applications, including:

  • Complete documentation
  • Sample code for various APIs including sidebar panels, event notifications, custom actions, indexing MSN Messenger chats, Trillian chats, link files, and opened windows
  • Visual Studio .NET project files

Google Desktop SDK Developer Guide

Google Desktop (GD) indexes, caches, and searches content on your computer. Its Sidebar provides constant display of multiple information sources. Through the GD Software Development Kit’s APIs, your applications can send content to the GD engine for indexing and storage, send search queries directly to GD, define new Sidebar panels, redefine GD user interface actions, and define new GD events.

Google Desktop Pluggin List

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