Google Keyword Tool is even more useful

The Google Keyword Tool is now even more useful for AdWords customers. In Search Marketing, it is very important to create effective keyword lists, and now there’s an improved Google Keyword Tool to help you do so.

Ann-Lee, from the Google Keyword Tool team, tells us a little more about it on the Google Adwords Blog.

From the AdWords blog:

Selecting new keywords to meet your campaign goals can be challenging — that’s why we’ve improved our Keyword Tool to give you more data alongside keyword results. You can see the general popularity of a keyword — green bars will show you if other advertisers are competing for a particular keyword you’re considering or if users are searching on that keyword. Also, you can look at the cost and ad position estimates for a list of keywords prior to adding them to your Ad Group.

We’re also excited about a new feature that allows you to generate keywords based on the content of any webpage, such as your landing page (currently only available to advertisers who access their accounts in English).

While we can’t guarantee that selected keywords will hit your campaign goals, we hope that this additional guidance will help you make smarter keyword selections. And as always, remember to shop for negative keywords in the results that are returned.

The Google keyword tool allows you to build extensive, relevant keyword lists from one easy, simple interface. Generate keyword lists, review traffic estimations for existing and new keywords, and add your keywords directly into your Ad Groups from the same page. You can combine the relevant keywords you get with one another or with your existing keywords to make them more specific. Or, use any irrelevant results as negative keywords to ensure that your campaign is highly targeted.

Features of this Google keyword tool include:

  • Keyword list sorting. Sort the results of your keyword search by popularity, performance history within the AdWords system, cost, and predicted ad position.
  • Easy keyword manipulation. Select a few keywords here and there, or add them all at once. Keywords already present in your Ad Group will be marked so that you don’t have to worry about them. You can also download your keyword list as a .csv file.
  • Search for keywords in three ways. Use keywords you enter, your existing high clickthrough rate keywords, or any webpage URL for your search. You can also expand your keyword search even further to include pages linked to from the original URL. (Note: Site-related keyword searching is currently only available for English language users.)
  • More keyword results based on regularly updated statistics. Our advanced search engine technology allows us to provide you with the latest information on potential keywords for your campaigns.

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