Free Google Minis

Google announced a search replacement program where any business that can replace its existing search solution with a Google Search Appliance by the end of the year will receive a free Google Mini.

Currently More than 2,000 businesses worldwide use Google’s search products to deliver Google-quality search results to customers, employees and partners.

The Google Search Appliance puts the Web’s information at your fingertips. The Google Search Appliance does the same thing for your website or corporate intranet. The Google Search Appliance is a hardware and software product designed to offer large businesses the productivity-enhancing power of Google search. It’s a corporate search solution as simple and powerful as Google itself.

What it does

The Google Search Appliance makes the sea of lost data on your web servers, file systems and relational databases instantly available with one mouse click. Just point it toward your content, add a search box to your site, and in a matter of hours, your users will be able to search through more than 220 different file formats in any language. The Google Search Appliance indexes up to 15 million documents, and its security features ensure that users only see the documents to which they have proper access.

How it works

The Google Search Appliance crawls your content and creates a master index of documents that’s ready for instant retrieval using Google’s search technology whenever a customer or employee types in a search query. The Google Search Appliance is easy to set up and requires minimal ongoing administration, making it extremely cost-effective. The Google Search Appliance starts at $30,000 to search up to 500,000 documents.

The Google Search Appliance is an integrated hardware and software search solution that enables corporations, universities and government agencies to deliver Google-quality search results on their corporate network and public websites. To find out more information about Google’s replacement program, please visit

Customer Success Stories

The Google Search Appliance helps visitors and employees find what they’re looking for. – read about the implementations of some of Googles current customers

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