Google expands Wi-Fi Coverage

Google expands Google free wifi coverage offer to Mountain View California.

Google has offered free wireless Internet, or WiFi, connections to Mountain View, the city where its corporate headquarters is located.

The Google wifi offer came about two months after the company offered to do the same free wifi for the city of San Francisco.

Google officials approached Mountain View leaders a few weeks ago and offered to hoist 300 transmitters onto the city’s 3,000 telephone poles and street lights, according to Mountain View Mayor Matt Neely. Neely said the company could install what he described as softball-sized devices that would transform the whole city into a so-called hotspot.

WiFi service could be installed as early as the first few months of 2006, Neely said. “Google — they move,'’ he said. “This will be happening in the very near future.'’

The city had signed an agreement with fellow Mountain View company MetroFi to install a citywide WiFi network. MetroFi has already installed WiFi networks in the nearby cities of Santa Clara and Cupertino, where customers pay a monthly fee of $19.95 to get online.

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