Google Korea launching soon

Google is expected to launch Google Korea in the next few months.

Google is preparing to expand its business in Korea, hiring a regional chief for its new affiliate company which is expected to open in Seoul within a few months.

Google has been interviewing candidates for the CEO of Google Korea, said the company’s public relations agent in South Korea said last week.

The company is also hiring product managers, marketing managers and finance managers who will operate Google Korea.

For years, Korea has been one of Google’s main target markets. Although it hasn’t hired engineers in the country, Google has been servicing most of its Web sites in Korean language, including its Internet search engine, a news portal and e-mail service. Also it released Korean versions of additional software programs such as a photo viewer and a desktop search program, too.

With high broadband penetration in South Korea, users are tending to prefer fancy portal sites filled with eye-catching animations and various features, rather than the simple user-interface of Google which is designed for countries with slower internet connections.

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