Google Space at Heathrow

Travelers at London’s Heathrow Airport have been flocking to a free pilot program called Google Space that may be a harbinger of the search firm’s future plans.

Google dropped ten laptops for travelers at Londons Heathrow airport to try out six Google programs: Google Earth, Google Local, Google Toolbar, Google Mobile, Google Mail, and Picasa.

This Google Space London Heathrow pilot program is believed to be the first public test bed that could provide data on Google’s plans to establish public and free offerings of its products, and provides data on consumer likes and dislikes.

Google surveyed passengers before the launch of Google Space and found that 71 percent of passengers wanted to learn more about their destinations. Passengers wanted to have maps of their destinations, weather forecasts, location of tourist areas to avoid, locations of famous sites, and directions to the city center.

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