Introducing the Quality Score landing page

Have you ever clicked on a Google Adwords ad, only to find out that it wasnt as relevant as what was stated in the text ad? Google has brought out some ways to fix that little issue. Introducing the Quality Score landing page.

Google started incorporating a new factor into the Quality Score, the landing page. Google will look at the content and layout of the pages linked from your ads. AKA, tha landing page. This will let the Google engine know the actual real relevance to the ad vs. the landing page.

The Quality Score is the basis for measuring the quality of your keyword and determining your minimum bid. Quality Score is determined by your keyword’s clickthrough rate (CTR), relevance of your ad text, historical keyword performance, the quality of your ad’s landing page, and other relevancy factors.

The Landing Page is an active web page where customers will ‘land’ when they click your ad. The web address for this page is often called a ‘destination URL’ or ‘clickthrough URL.’

Google has done this as an aim to improve its users experience so that these users (your potential customers) will continue to trust and value AdWords ads.

By incorporating landing page assessment into the Google Quality Score will help us improve the overall advertising experience for users, advertisers and partners by increasing the quality of the sites that Google presents in their ad results.

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