Google Music Launches

Google rolled out Google music. This new feature allows you to search a band, or song name in Google search, and displays the Google music feature at the top of the list.

The Google music feature is posted at the top of a search for band or song content searches. When the specific link is clicked on, users have tht option of purchasing the album or mp3’s through the Apple iTunes music store,, J & R Music, Computer World, Real Rhapsody, MSN Music, CD Universe, Amazon,, Wal-Mart, and

Google has stated that it will not become a music store, and is providing content and solutions for its searchers.

The Google search results also include links to additional Google search pages with more information about the specific musical choice, including names of tracks on a CD and other CDs a band or artist has released. Google also will provide snippets of reviews from sites on the Web and links to those sites.

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