Google sets its sights on Hollywood

Google has set its sights on the Hollywood entertainment industry with the investment of a film shot in San Francisco.

It has been reported by the San Francisco Chronicle, that Google co-founders have invested in a Stanford friend’s independent film that was shot in San Francisco.

Sergey Brin and Larry Page are executive producers of a low-budget, independent film to be released next year, called Broken Arrows. Which was written and directed by a friend of theirs, Reid Gershbein.

Production cost just under $1 million, and the Google co-founders dropped the coin for it.

A spokeswoman for Google confirmed the role of her company’s founders in the film but declined to discuss any other details.

There is a short trailer, and mor information about the film located on the films website:

Gershbein’s previous work includes research and development for the animated DreamWorks Animation films Madagascar and Shrek 2. He worked as a technology director in lighting on Toy Story 2 as well as technology director in lighting and as software engineer for A Bug’s Life.

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