Blackberry to support Google Talk and Google Local

BlackBerry handheld devices will soon support the Google Talk instant-messaging and Google Local mapping programs, Research In Motion announced. has dropped some nice news on the integration of Google Talk and Google Local maps onto the Blackberry devices.

Google Talk for BlackBerry, a version of the instant messaging application specifically designed for BlackBerry handsets, will allow users to send and receive instant text messages with other members of the Google Talk community, while on the go. Google Talk for BlackBerry extends the user experience of the popular desktop-based Google Talk instant messaging service to BlackBerry devices, allowing users to add, delete and rename contacts, know when their Friends are online and available, leave conversations and resume them later, copy conversation text into memory and even be notified when a message is being typed.

Google Talk for BlackBerry is easy and intuitive to use. After downloading Google Talk for BlackBerry, users can quickly sign in through their Gmail™ username and password, access their existing Google Talk contact lists, see which Google Talk Friends are online, and send and receive instant messages. The service is integrated with BlackBerry to allow for home screen notifications of new messages, integration of Google Talk instant messages in the BlackBerry Email™ inbox and quick access to the BlackBerry Calendar™ from Google Talk for meeting scheduling.

Google Talk for BlackBerry is expected to be available in the Spring timeframe. Google Local for mobile is available today at Both applications will be free, subject to any data service rates applicable for downloading and using the applications with a limited data plan.

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