Google News is out of Beta

Google News is out of Beta - and has added some neat features to its list!

Google News has finally been unleashed from Beta form after pretty much 3 years in the test and development phase.

Google News aggregates news stories from around the Web and groups them in clusters of articles that pertain to the same topic.

Google News users have the option to sign up for customized news headlines through a new feature called Personalized Search.

If a user signs up for Personalized Search, Google News will recommend headlines based on news stories a user has searched and read in the past.

Recommended headlines will appear whenever a user signs in to his or her Google Account. These results will appear in the left column of Google News. Users can also can get a full page of recommended stories by clicking on the section in which they are interested.

Google also has added a feature that displays the most popular recent stories on whatever edition of Google News the user is viewing.

A link to a listing of the most visited stories appears beneath subject-area links.

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