Google Gmail chat

Google Gmail Chat rolled out today.

Its a new feature from the Gmail team that allows you to save and search all of your Google Talk chats in your gmail account.

There is a quick Contact panel that show all of the contacts you talk with the most for quick accesss to chat feature invites.

But the best part is, you can chat directly with your contact directly in your web browser, inside your account page. (You can also give your chats a new window.)

These features currently work on Windows IE 6.0+ and Firefox 1.0+, and word is that Google be working to bring chat to more browsers in the future.

There are no ads in your chat sessions.

When chatting in Gmail or Google Talk, you can go “off the record,” so that nothing typed from that point forward gets saved in anyone’s Gmail account.

The Google Gmail chat feature does not replace Google Talk, since there are no Voip options for Gmail chat as of yet.

Fore more info, visit the Google Gmail chat help center

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