How long does Google hold their data for?

June 18th, 2007

Google has reported that it holds users data for no longer than 18 months. After that time it makes it anonymous.

The European advisory had raised eyebrows as to the fact that Google might be in breach of some EU laws pertaining to data retention policies. Google’s response has led them to take a lead role in defining a global standard for rules that govern the online retention of consumer data.

Google to expand Research and Development in Shaghai

June 18th, 2007

Google is all about research and development. With the launch of many new facilities around the world, Google is planning on stepping up its efforts in Shangai with the opening of a research and development center.

This new Google R&D facility is supposedly going to be aimed at building a more effective search business in China. Yahoo, Microsoft and Google have all faced numerous political struggles with moving into the area, and had to censor results in their engines. This new move will hopefully prove to the political members that Google is serious about doing business in that country.

Marsha Wang, a Google representative in China has confirmed the plans, but has declined to say how many people the new facility will employ, and when it will be completed.

Google Video Search relaunches

June 18th, 2007

With the purchase of YouTube, Google announced their plans to rewrite their Video search. The newly launched Google Video not only shows users clips from YouTube, the service now aggregates video clips from such popular sites as Metacafe, MySpace, BBC, and Yahoo Video.

Google set to release a European YouTube

June 18th, 2007

The buzz has been floating quietly around Europe lately about about an international European version of YouTube that could be launching. Top Google executive’s will be corralled in Paris in the next week for a press conference to announce the local version of the popular video service. YouTube is extremely popular in Europe, however there is only an English version of the interface available. A service called DailyMotion picks up where Google’s English interface leaves off, and is already seeing close to 6.6 million visitors per month, whereas YouTube sees about 7.3 million.

Google’s Privacy issues, the archive

June 18th, 2007

Google has many people up in arms over privacy concerns. From YouTube and their display of copyrighted materials, to search data being archived. If you want to re-look at many different privacy conerns over the past while, WebProNews has put together a nice little archive of everything from Watchdog groups targeting Google, to Click fraud, and personal search history archiving.

Google Presentation tool for end of year

June 18th, 2007

Could the much anticipated Google Presentation tool be launched later this year? Sound like its a big possibility.

It has been rumored that Google will add the presentation tool to its online application set by the end of the year, and it could also add a few more applications as well. Be on the lookout for video, note taking, blogging and group discussion offerings to make Google Apps a well rounded Microsoft Office killer.

Google made the announcement in April about its component for presentations

Somewhere in California….

July 11th, 2006

Google Gmail chat

February 7th, 2006

Google Gmail Chat rolled out today.

Its a new feature from the Gmail team that allows you to save and search all of your Google Talk chats in your gmail account.

There is a quick Contact panel that show all of the contacts you talk with the most for quick accesss to chat feature invites.

But the best part is, you can chat directly with your contact directly in your web browser, inside your account page. (You can also give your chats a new window.)

These features currently work on Windows IE 6.0+ and Firefox 1.0+, and word is that Google be working to bring chat to more browsers in the future.

There are no ads in your chat sessions.

When chatting in Gmail or Google Talk, you can go “off the record,” so that nothing typed from that point forward gets saved in anyone’s Gmail account.

The Google Gmail chat feature does not replace Google Talk, since there are no Voip options for Gmail chat as of yet.

Fore more info, visit the Google Gmail chat help center